Monday, September 05, 2005

Which is Nothing Positive? The Answer is: D

A) Looters who steal non-essential items to live like video games, TV's, CDs, jewelry, cars

B) People shooting at those trying to HELP New Orleans like insurgents in Iraq

C) Kanye West & Cindy Sheehan

D) All of the above.


Blogger smartone101 said...

I have no problem saying that you're the stupid asshole. Yes my friend you are the stupid ass hole. The fact that you using those terms show how little you know and how naive you are to the whole world. People will take you seriously if you were more articulate with what you said and didn't act like an immature fuck.

You are an immature, childish, dumbass who is a sorry excuse for a life.

Get an eduation or atleast act mature idiot.

7:41 PM  

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