Saturday, September 03, 2005

Kanye, Are You Truly That Dumb??

Dear Kanye,

Yesterday in New Orleans, President Bush met with the idiot mayor of New Orleans (the black democrat) and the idiot governor of Louisiana. They were aboard Air Force One and talking for OVER AN HOUR.

What on earth would a racist white man from Texas have to talk about with a black democrat from Louisiana? If President Bush doesn't care about black people, why would they have been talking for that long? Don't you think, Kanye Asshole, that Bush wouldn't even give the Mayor a glance, not even the time of day?! Well?!?!

Or maybe Bush just sat there and did no talking? I guess everything spoken to him he didn't even listen to. Afterall, according to some, it's only black people left in New Orleans and Bush doesn't care about black people, right? So then why would he give a damn about what the black mayor has to say about the black people left in New Orleans?

Or maybe Bush truly does care and you're just a stupid asshole? Ya know what, though? I don't hate you or anything like that. Yes, you are an asshole and I don't just go throwing that term around to anyone I want. No, immense displeasure in people only occurs with me for very, very few people like yourself who are just so damn stupid. But like I said, I don't hate you... i just fucking feel sorry for you.

I'll pray you gain some intelligence :)

Have a nice day, idiot.


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